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Global Velocity

Securing data from the inside out™



Small Biz Trends


This App Discovers Whether Your Confidential Data Is in the Wild

- Small Biz Trends, July 20, 2016


Sparking Innovation Logo 

Spotlight on MTC Portfolio Company: Global Velocity

- Missouri Dept. of Economic Development, January 22, 2015


Info Security Logo


Do Not Accept the Myth that Cyber Thieves are Always One Step Ahead

- Info Security Magazine - Greg Sullivan, December 29, 2014


Digital Guardian Logo


Global Velocity 2015 Predictions: Tracking Data's Lifecycle Leaves Hackers Wondering Where the Easy Targets Went

- - Greg Sullivan, December 12, 2014


Digital Guardian Logo


Startups & Data Breaches: How a Startup Can Protect Itself From a Data Breach in 2014 & Beyond

- Digital Guardian Blog - Greg Sullivan, November 20, 2014


CEO Magazine Logo


Your Cyber Security Posture Must Evolve with the Attackers

- The CEO Magazine Blog - Greg Sullivan, November 11, 2014


SMB Nation Logo

Today’s cyber security risks for SMBs and how resellers can help prevent data breaches

Small Businesses Are the Majority of Cyber Attack Victims

- SMB Nation Blog - Greg Sullivan, November 4, 2014


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Information-Centric Security

Protect Your Data From the Inside-Out

- Wired - Innovation Insights, Greg Sullivan, October 17, 2014


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Spenser Smith Outlines Global Velocity's New Channel Program

Global Velocity Launches First Partner Program

- Search IT Channel, Spenser Smith, September 12, 2014



CDN Logo

Jeff Jedras Announces Global Velocity Channel Program

Information-centric security vendor launches channel program

- Computer Dealer News, Jeff Jedras, September 12, 2014



LA Times LogoCEO Greg Sullivan comments in the LA Times in

Health products like wristbands monitors prompt privacy worries.

- LA Times, Lisa Zamosky, July 27, 2014






CPA Practice AdvisorsCEO Greg Sullivan advises smaller businesses on preventing data breaches in

CPA Practice Advisors