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Cloud Security - For ISP, MSP and SaaS Vendors

Global Velocity

Securing data from the inside out™

Securio Protecting your Customers


Securio Cloud for MSPs, ISPs, and SaaS Vendors

In today’s business environment companies of all types are turning to the cloud as a viable alternative for data storage and software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions. As a result, more and more users are going directly to the Internet to do business, often operating unprotected, bypassing their established corporate security infrastructure. Governments, corporations, non-profits and more are now faced with the challenge of cost-effectively managing and securing massive amounts of valuable digital assets outside their corporate network, accessed by laptops, tablets and smartphone devices. They need your help.


As an MSP, ISP,  or SaaS vendor, you must offer affordable security solutions for your prospects, both to attract them to your service offerings and to keep them as clients. The cost of buying, deploying, and maintaining proxy type appliance security solutions in your infrastructure can quickly escalate out of control.


Securio Cloud solves this problem. It integrates information-centric security protection across web, email and mobile Internet traffic to secure sensitive data and IP outside a company’s firewall. This powerful architecture scans all outbound Internet traffic from any device or location and protects against data loss from mobile devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones - all with a single, consistent global security policy.


You’re in Control. Unified Policies. Easy Administration.


  • Deploy Securio Cloud solution in minutes — not months.
  • Stop data loss across all users no matter what device they’re using or where they’re located — all with a single unified security policy.
  • Meet or exceed compliance and governance requirements for your customers with predefined security templates and extendable custom policies and reporting.


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  • Instant Access:  Simple user setup. Any user, any device, located anywhere
  • Unified Policy Management:  Provide a single policy across multiple devices and applications, greatly reducing administration and operating requirements.
  • Real-time Consolidated Reporting: Consolidated reporting and analysis across users and devices no matter where they’re located. Visibility directly into your Internet usage and security findings.
  • Compliance Templates:  Pre-configured policies meet or exceed requirements for PII, PCI and HIPAA. Additional customized policies can be created easily and implemented to address the “next big thing” in data security.
  • SSL Support:  Full content inspection of SSL outbound traffic.
  • As Fast as You Need:  No matter what your demand for speed, Securio Cloud delivers.
  • Policy as a Service:  Interactively query the policy engine to integrate ICS solutions directly into your applications.
  • Easy to Provision:  No hardware or software to install. Point devices to the product name and click for rapid deployment and usability.
  • Flexible:  Easy to customize to align with changing requirements to prevent data loss from multiple locations, remote users and mobile devices.
  • Scalable:  Built in a fully virtualized information-centric security protection architecture to leverage cloud computing concepts. The solution scales as you need more capacity. If your client adds an office - no problem. If your client starts to use smartphones and tablets to access the Internet - no problem. 
  • Lower TCO:  No hardware or software to purchase. Low setup fees. Low operating costs. The virtualized processes are started and stopped as requested, resulting in lower resource utilization. This yields better margins to service provides and SaaS vendors.
  • Pay-as-You-Go:  Fair monthly subscription pay-as-you-go pricing for you to simply pay for the protection your clients receive. Easy to budget. No hidden fees.


Cloud computing and mobile devices are here to stay. It’s time to move from perimeter-based security to an information-centric security approach. Mobile and remote user security starts in the cloud.

Imagine directing your Internet traffic through a simple and cost effective infrastructure that is globally available — an infrastructure that provides the same policy and protection whether users are in the office using their desktop, on the road at a hotel or airport using their smartphone or tablet, or at home using they’re laptop. 

Enhanced data security is now possible — only with Global Velocity’s Securio solution.



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