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Cyber Security for K-12 to Higher Education - Global Velocity

Global Velocity

Securing data from the inside out™

Cyber Security Software for K-12 to High Education

The Education industry faces the challenging task of balancing openness and trust with privacy and protection.  Compliance requirements including PCI, PII, FERPA and FISMA are top of mind for leaders and administrators from K-12 to Higher Education.  Additionally, students can be creative and mischievous users of computing resources opening up a whole new world of security vulnerabilities.

Recent publically disclosed data breaches include:

  • Here’s a rundown of some of the worst data breaches in higher education over the past years. Some of the worst data breaches in higher education over the past years were so massive that the exact number of people affected by the breaches remains unknown.
  • University of Central Florida on February 2, 2016: The Social Security numbers of approximately 63,000 current and recent UCF students, staff, and faculty members were accessed by an unauthorized individual. The information accessed did not include credit card information, financial records, medical records, or grades however. 
  • University of Virginia on January 25, 2016: The W-2's of 1,400 employees were accessed by an unauthorized users, as well as direct deposit banking information of 40 employees. The accounts were accessed by using a Phishing attack where one of the employees unknowingly gave their username and password to the criminals.  
  • University of California Riverside on March 13, 2015: The names as well as Social Security numbers of 8,000 graduate students were accessed when a desktop computer was stolen during a break in at the graduate division offices. 
  • Metropolitan State University on December 20, 2015: The information of approximately 160,000 past and present students was accessed during a hack from an unauthorized user. The information gained included names, birth date, contact information, grades, and partial Social Security numbers. 

Beyond the data this industry must legally protect, is an interesting variety of information that should be protected.  Examples include:

  • Research
    • Contracts
    • Source code
    • Federally funded research involving export controls
    • Clinical trial research involving human subjects
  • Compliance
    • Credit Card (PCI)
    • Medical (HIPAA)
    • Student (FERPA)
    • Higher Education Act
  • University Operations
    • Staff and faculty records
    • Legal and administrative information
    • Alumni records

Global Velocity solutions feature the following benefits:

  • Low cost
  • Flexible deployment options
  • Easy to use and operate

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