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Large Enterprise

Global Velocity

Securing data from the inside out™

Cloud Security for The Enterprise

As more and more devices flood into large companies, the risk of not protecting sensitive corporate data increases. One solution for enterprises is to deploy Information-Centric Security technology to monitor data at rest or in motion and carry out automated responses, from data notification to active blocking of content. 

In years past, traditional content control vendors have deployed expensive DLP solutions with hefty annual maintenance fees. As a result, high-end capabilities have been cost prohibitive. More significantly, many of these vendors have not kept up with the current cloud and mobile computing security requirements. Many large businesses now are looking to replace or supplement traditional enterprise solutions with more effective, cost-efficient and easier to deploy and use Information-Centric Security solutions.

Because Global Velocity’s Securio solution has been designed to leverage the power of cloud computing concepts, it offers unprecedented scalable performance to inspect high volumes of Internet and network traffic (data in motion) and scan large volumes of network storage devices (data at rest). These capabilities are critical when it comes to providing Information-Centric Security solutions for Big Data organizations such as government agencies and large enterprises.

For organizations with the need to monitor large volumes of sensitive data at the enterprise level, as well as monitor information requests from remote and mobile users, Global Velocity offers a hybrid solution that can be easily implemented as an integrated platform. Together, this local appliance and cloud hosted solution uniquely provides full ICS capabilities for enterprise and cloud networks. 

We believe Securio will, for the first time, provide businesses with the ability to implement comprehensive content control in the enterprise and the cloud. The appliance, cloud and hybrid deployments will include full content control feature sets, provide virtually aware scalability and be available at substantial cost savings over traditional network-only solutions.

Large enterprises face the challenging task of managing risk while maintaining privacy and protection for employees, customers, suppliers and shareholders. 

For information on the biggest data breaches in recent years visit:

Beyond the data large enterprises must legally protect, is an interesting variety of information that should be protected.  Examples include:

  • Intellectual Property
    • Trade Secrets
    • Engineering and product details
    • Source Code
  • Compliance
    • Credit Card - Payment Card Industry (PCI)
    • Customer, Employee, Shareholder - Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
    • Medical – HIPAA
  • Business Operations
    • Cost
    • Merger & Acquisition
    • Litigation and other legal
    • Board of Director documents and data

Additionally, more and more of this confidential information are at risk as large enterprises shift computing to the cloud. 

Global Velocity solutions feature the following benefits:

  • Low cost
  • Flexible deployment options
  • Easy to use and operate

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