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Information-Centric Data Security - GlobalVelocity

Global Velocity

Securing data from the inside out™

Information-Centric Security Software Solution


There is a nexus of disruptive forces causing the security landscape to change...





Information-Centric Security is: an approach to the cloud security paradigm that emphasizes the security of the information itself rather than the security of networks or data centers.

Information-Centric Security is particularly suited for cloud environments where information must be identified and protected as it moves in and out of applications, from structured to unstructured environments, throughout the cloud and across multiple devices.

Information-Centric Security provides requisite user access and information security across all environments, including cloud and mobile networks.

Information-Centric Security that fills the gap between traditional DLP that doesn’t operate as needed in the cloud and SWG that doesn’t provide usable, effective content security.

Global Velocity’s Information-Centric Security delivers the open user access and cloud protection traditional DLP can’t provide, and the intelligent and advanced content protection SWG doesn’t provide.



  • Attackers and threats are exploiting this new landscape to find security vulnerabilities and the ways people are using technology that is being created by this new landscape.

  • The legacy model of collect and react intelligence and appliances is not equipped to handle this new, different landscape and its persistent advanced threats.

  • Information strategies must deal with data volume. velocity, variety and complexity exploiting new models to access, analyze, visualize and communicate patterns and insights.

  • It's time for a new security model to deal with these real world challenges -- INFORMATION-CENTRIC SECURITY solutions from Global Velocity.



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